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Mushroom Magic Tea - 2 Gallon
  • Mushroom Magic Tea - 2 Gallon

    Which part of Mushroom Magic tea contains the magic you ask?


    (To clarify, this is not Magic Mushrooms and will NOT provide hallucinations or a psychoactive effect.)


    Well, all of it really, but below I’ve highlighted just a couple ingredients and how they share their magic in each sip.


    Oats (milky tops) - Avena Sativa, are incredibly nourishing, especially for the nervous system. When used in the “milky” stage they feed nervous tissue and help to restore normal nerve function and vitality. As a very calming and soothing herb, oats are also useful for sleep issues and insomnia, or any kind of mental or physical agitation.


    Milky oats are the oat tops harvested when they are in their milky stage, during which the oat tops release a white, milky sap when squeezed. This stage, which lasts approximately one week, occurs after the oat begins flowering and before the seed hardens and becomes the oat grain we eat as oatmeal.


    Reishi mushroom freeze dried extract - Coined “the king of mushrooms” and once reserved only for royalty, Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) or Lingzhi as it is referred to in China, has many a medicinal benefit. For starters it has immune modulating properties which help to balance both over active and under active immune systems. The magical mushroom also boasts anti inflammatory, cell regenerating, liver supporting, antihistamine, cholesterol/blood pressure improving properties and has been shown to reduce tumor growth.


    Mushroom Magic tea is easy drinking and delicious hot or cold, plus appropriate for all ages.


    Increasing water and herbal tea intake is something most of us could benefit from so grab your Mushroom Magic today and sip yourself to optimal health.


    Mushroom Magic tea comes in 2 sizes.

    2 gallon and 4 gallon

    Each 2 gallon kit contains 4 pouches, each making 1/2 gallon of tea at a time.

    Each 4 gallon kit contains 8 pouches, each making 1/2 gallon of tea at a time.


    Brewing instructions provided with tea.



    Ingredients: Lemon Balm*, Milky Oat tops*, Rose Petals*, Chrysanthemum petals*, Lavender buds*, Chamomile flowers*, Freeze dried extracts of: Lingzhi* (Reishi), Shiitake*, Maitake*, King Oyster*, Agricus Blazei* and a touch of black tea leaves.



    This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For educational purposes only.