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Hello!  My name is Corinn and I am the sole proprietor of The Domesticated Wild Child.


After spending most of my adult life in Pharmaceuticals, I started this herbalism business as a way to be able to spend more time with my daughter and stay connected to my true calling, while still providing a source of income for our family.  

Herbalism has been a part of our family life for some time and many years ago I began sharing it with all who were interested.  


I create herbal infusions, utilizing the herb in its whole form and extracting the therapeutic properties.  The infusions are then packaged as is or added to other ingredients to make all the potions you will see on the site.  


With a variety of baby, child, woman's & men's needs, toiletries, spa and wellness products, there is something for the whole family.  Every item I create is made utilizing organic, sustainable and/or ethically wild-harvested ingredients.  Most are safe and effective for the entire family (even pets) and you will never find any parabens, phalates or GMO ingredients. 

Because I am the creator, artist, office manager, handle production, etc., I can keep costs affordable, even when using only the highest quality ingredients.


Support local small business and stock your home with The Domesticated Wild Child products for all your needs.

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